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Summer Student Employment Opportunity – Research Assistant


A full-time summer research assistant position is available working in a remote coastal community.

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual, who has experience working with native BC flora, to assist on a community research project in Hartley Bay, BC.

Hartley Bay is a small community on the west coast, with no road access. The successful applicant will work in the community with a graduate student helping to research the creation of berry patches along a newly constructed roadside. Work will be outdoors and require plant identification, surveying, transplanting, and conducting a greenhouse propagation experiment alongside the graduate student.

This opportunity also allows for the students to interact closely with the Indigenous community, learn about cultural values, and participate in local events. This experience is invaluable!

Students will live in the community of Hartley Bay between May and August 2024, with some opportunities to visit Prince Rupert on days off. However, there is limited ferry access to Hartley Bay, and therefore students should be prepared to also enjoy time off within the community.


Accommodation will be provided. Compensation will be $3000/month.

Students will report to Dr. Nicola Koper and/or Dr. Lisa Wood


Please send your resume and cover letter to by April 25th, 2024.

Thank you for your interest!
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