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I am an applied plant biologist and dendroclimatologist exploring influences of human-induced stress on forested plant communities. I specialize in forest silvicultural disturbance types, and studying the impacts of climate change on plants.  My current focus is directed at elucidating the impacts of chemical herbicides on non-target vegetation populations in the boreal and sub-boreal forests of Canada.




Plant anatomy

Investigation of plants not previously described

1998 - 2003

University of Manitoba to University of Northern BC

BSc. Biology transferred to BSc. Natural Resource Management, Major Forestry

Plant chemistry

Nutrients and secondary metabolites

Interactions between plants and environment

Environmentally-induced stress

Forest management

Community and ecosystem level plant complexes

2004 - 2006

University of Northern British Columbia

MSc. Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Major Forestry

2007 - 2012

University of Victoria

PhD Geography

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